Quality You Can Rely On

We are totally dedicated to quality in everything we do, with a meticulous approach to safety, management, maintenance, compliance and waste issues.

Our Quality Management system takes into account individual employees who are each responsible for their own work, whether on production or in administration departments and all personnel and facilities are the responsibility of a Quality Manager.

Every person at every level is dedicated to customer satisfaction and takes ownership and pride in the quality of their work and the products we produce. It is an attitude ingrained in every aspect of our activities. Our reputation has been built on it and our customers rely on it.


Trefoil Steel is a BS:EN:ISO 9001: 2015 approved company, having successfully transitioned from the old standard to the new 2015 version.  This effectively means our customers can be even more confident that Trefoil Steel is thoroughly committed to the highest of quality standards throughout the organisation, from top management through to the factory floor.