A Proud Heritage

Established in 1983, Trefoil Steel was one of the first major ferrous and non-ferrous foundries to meet the rapidly increasing demand for castings from the steel companies of Sheffield. The company is still owned and run by the family that founded it 30 years ago and we are proud of our long history.

Over the last three decades we have developed excellent relationships with our customers that include prestigious names in British manufacturing and engineering such as such Corus (formerly British Steel), TATA Steel, Rolls-Royce and the MOD. Over 25% of production is exported to countries that recognise Sheffield’s unique heritage in steel manufacturing.

Flexible and Responsive

Short lead times and flexibility are an essential part of the Trefoil service. We take time to understand our customers, who are given direct access to the decision makers and owners of the business. We are able to react quickly to customers’ needs for special projects, or urgent requirements resulting from breakdowns. This approach streamlines and fast-tracks projects when timing is critical – without compromising quality. Where necessary we can supply castings within 72 hours from receipt of pattern equipment (depending on the material grade required – our record is 48 hours).

  • Flexible lead times
  • Quality and high standards are our way of life as can be seen from our accreditation
  • Highly skilled
  • Highly responsive
  • More reactive than larger competitors

Environmentally Aware

Trefoil continues to prioritise recycling efforts by using metallic by-products generated from automotive, railroad, and other industries. We are able to recycle over 85% of the sand used in mould making and 100% of the metal generated in the manufacturing process is re-melted in casting production.

Continual investment in new equipment underlines our commitment to the most efficient way to manage the impact of our processes on the environment and its resources.

  • Machine/plant is brand new
  • Our high frequency melting furnaces are 95% efficient. Reclamation equipment allow us to reuse 85% of old sand
  • Our sand mixers are computer controlled and regularly recalibrated